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«I felt the need to establish relationships and the camera was like a lock pick that allowed me to communicate with others.» – Nino Migliori



Photographing remains a continuous discovery. The camera is a very powerful tool of knowledge, it allows me to get in touch with very different realities, always driven by a great curiosity, with the need to fully understand the different context in which I find myself immersed every time.

I consider that of the photographer a privileged condition. Photography gives the opportunity to relate to a situation with a particular attitude. The difference lies in the quality of attention, a way of being careful that only photography is able to generate. A particular way of approaching reality that cannot be found in any other area.

To photograph an object, an environment, a gesture or something that simply happens, is to photograph everything behind it. It is to photograph all someone’s work, it is to photograph what someone has thought. When all this enters the frame it coincides with what the photographer thinks, with his experience, and ends up adding up. Photographing is an addition.

I am a freelance photographer based in Cremona, Italy.
I collaborate with private individuals, associations and agencies creating services that range in different photographic fields.