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I have been photographing weddings for fifteen years, first as an assistant, today I move alone. I photographed weddings of the most different styles and sizes. You can see a gallery with pictures of the last weddings that I photographed at this link.
I adopt a photographic style tending to reportage, avoiding spending too much time in posing and programmed shots, unless specifically requested by the spouses. Generally, I only hold the bride and groom for a short moment to take ambient and choreographic portraits and later for group photos. I tend not to disturb the course of the ceremony and the various moments of the reception, following the spouses trying to be as unobtrusive as possible and capturing the natural and sincere development of the events. I mainly follow the spouses without neglecting the locations and the guests.
I shoot mostly digital although I always have analog equipment with me.
I work with wedding planners, florists, video operators and catering. If necessary I am accompanied by an assistant and if it is possible I carry out an inspection in the locations where the ceremony and reception are held.

The complete basic wedding photo shoot includes several stages:
-Preparation of the bride
-Preparation of the groom or pre-ceremony
-Reception (including photos of the newlyweds and group photos)

The cost of the service includes the choice and post-production of the best shots, which will be delivered in digital format (on pen drive or via link) in high quality in a variable number. Photographs will be delivered in times ranging from two to four weeks from the date of the wedding. The costs also included the layout of the album, which will be created starting from a selection of shots made by the spouses, chosen from the photographs once delivered.

The printing of the interior of the album will be carried out by a trusted laboratory, with the possibility of choosing from a wide range of products with different materials and formats, according to the needs and requests of the spouses. The cover will be bound later, also in this case with a wide choice of materials and customizations. Printing and packaging costs (personalized wooden or cardboard box) are not included in the price of the service and vary according to the products ordered.

The spouses will receive a personalized contract, agreed to meet every need and request. The cost of the service will start from the complete basic package and will vary according to particular requests (travel expenses, assistant, equipment rental) or the reduction of the service. Upon signing the contract, a deposit will be required.